We have all heard the expression, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. What does it mean? Plainly, The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is refers to the way we tend to look at other people’s lives and other things that we don't have. We are often not satisfied and want to be somewhere else. [Don't compare your talents with others]. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Just do your best!!

            I would say that I agree with this quote because no one on earth has the ability to fulfill all of their wishes and desires. Certainly we can fulfill our needs but our wants tend to increase with each successive achievement we attain. The thought of being in a better place or assuming a change in our present condition to make things better, is not a bad thing. We all need to have something to look forward to in our lives. We should be happy with what we have and how things are, except if nothing changes. Do not let envy frustrate and depress us. Just let it instead motivate us to make our live better. 


“Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?”

     Based on the topic, what is your opinion regarding this matter? Should the KP student be given the money incentives to improve their grade in studies? Would this action beneficial for both parties, the universities and the students? Is there any consequence that was expected to rise if the monetary incentives were given to the KP2 students?
     There were a lot of reasons on why students failed in their examination, it was either they are not well prepared for it or they got a really low carry marks for each subject. These are the major reasons why students failed in examination. A lack of attention during lecturing sessions can be a strong cause why most students failed. There were also some students that thought that they were good enough in their studies and easily can pass the examination with flying colors without seeing the lecturers if there was some topic on study that was difficult to understand. Seeing the lecturer frequently will help students pass in examinations. This is because, the lecturer will help you in whatever ways that they can and if you were lucky enough, you will get some hints on what type of questions that will come out in exams. In that way, there is a very low probability that you could not answer the exams questions and thus, pass the papers. Moreover, bad attitudes such as lazy and always skip class can also contribute to students failure in examination as they will missed many important info that were given by the lecturer. If they skipped class too often, they will be barred from taken the examination and at the same time, it will caused them to fail in their examinations.
     However, we cannot totally say that students failed in examination just because of their own fault. A lot of assignments, lab reports and many more will caused the students to have a lack of time to study. Most of the time was used to finish up all of the homework and assignments given. Irresponsibly of lecturer can also be a reason why student failed in examination. There were some lecturers that always cancel their class without any good reason and when examination just around the corner, they will take student time to cover the entire topic that not finished no matter the students understand or not. This situation can affect the performance of student during examination.
     Student who failed in examination or KP students must always be monitor by their personal advisor to improve their grade. So, in order to improve their grade, money incentive should be given to cheer them up. When they get this money, they will be more spirited to study without thinking about money and part time job. This is because, when students failed in examination, the loan automatically stops and they will not have any source for money to support their life in campus. So, either they like or not they must do some part time job and this will give big effect on their study. Besides, students will study harder than before to continue back their loan.
     Although some people said that this will make student become more lazy and enjoy, I still think that this is very good idea. Aboard university was used this idea to encourage their lower grade students to improve their performance in study by give them money if they got a good result. This idea also can be used for other situation such as money incentives for good behavior and good attendance achieved. This idea was give a lot of benefits than bad things. As a conclusion, I can say that money incentives should be given to KP students in order to improve their grade in examination.

Each student has a dream to become excellent students either in education or life. They give all of their effort to be an excellent but, perhaps fate was not on their side or them not trying hard. There are a few tips to be excellent and students should read and practiced it always.

 1. Responsible and active
To be an excellent student, it just not focuses on learning and doing some additional exercise. Students must take responsibility for their learning which is attend classes, pay all of attention during learning session and do all the tasks given. Besides, active in classroom can also enhance the educational achievement. Active in class doesn’t mean that you run or playing in class. It means that you give fully attention for what your lecturer explained, think, take some note and ask question if there was something that you not understand.

2. Educational goal

Most of excellent students have their own goal in their study. Because of this, they can be excellent students. When we have a goal of something that we do, we will try to get it no matter what either it easy or difficult. Sometimes, students forget about their own goal when study in university because they were influenced by bad elements such as love. So, always ask yourself about what are doing here? What your main goal in here? What you want to be in the future? And do you still want to be in old notch??? In this way, we will always remember what we want to do at the first place.

3. Always at the forefront

Most students are willing to spend their money just to sit in the front row while watching the concert or other entertainment programs. But they don’t want to sit in front when in the lecture hall or class even though there was no charges are imposed. To be excellent student, you should always sit in front for all learning sessions. This will make you more understand about what has been teaches and easy for you to ask questions. Besides, when students sit in front, it will minimize the interference that can disrupt students.

4. Note and ask

Always provided a note that simple, interesting, organized and most important is easy to understand. With this, students can always do some review in everywhere because note not like book that difficult to bring. Besides, it also can help us to remember about a few topics. The more you use note, the more you improve.

5Time managing

Time must be control by you not you was controlled by time. It is because, number one problem for students is can’t manage their time carefully. You must know to manage your time properly without waste it for doing something not beneficial such as loitering or any unhealthy activities. If you can manage you time properly, you can be excellent student.

6. Pray

An effort without prayer is also not bring any effect especially for Muslim students. Both of these must combine together so every effort that we done were blessed by him. Always do some prayer to make our requests answered

Great masterminds, strange shapes and abstract ideas stand behind the creation of these weird buildings from all over the world. Famous designers and architects managed to breathe life into their wildest fantasies and build similar museums, theaters as well as chic flats in the middle of the great cities of the world or to the suburbs. In order to find out which are the top tourists attractions of various places besides monuments and other cultural curiosities, it would be wise to scan through the 7 strangest buildings of the world with their unique structure and appearance.

The Basket Building (Newark,Ohio)

As the official trademark of the Longaberger Basket Company the Basket House is indeed one of the top tourist attractions of the city. The company that produces handmade baskets aimed to flash their fondness and respect for these practical objects and show off their pride with a no less than $30 million-worth house in the image of a large yellow basket with two 150-ton handles at the top. The building covers a 180,000-square-foot territory and succeeded to become one of the most fabulous and at the same time strange buildings of the world.

Guitar Museum (TN, USA)

The one and only guitar-shaped museum and shop offers the music lovers an out-of-this-world and frantic experience as it hosts some of the rarest and most exquisite instruments from guitars, mandolins, violins, ukuleles as well as banjos and even lap steels. These were collected from various spots of the world and were gathered in this place with three stories and 70 feet long storage space. Step into the realm of music and let yourself be inspired by the iconic figures of country music as well as the relics presented here. 

Erwin Wurm House Attack (Viena, Austria)

Located at the Museum Moderner Kunst (MuMoK) in Vienna the Erik Wurm's “House Attack” is one of the most impressive architectural miracles from Europe and is claimed to have a more deeper meaning than to enchant our visual sense. In fact Erik Wurm is one of the best known conceptual sculptors who aimed to show the fury of people who managed to throw a house to the stubborn and rigid building placed in the center of the town this way protesting against the rise of the concrete blocks and sight-ruining buildings.

Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

Portugal offers the perfect scenario for the creation of a similar architectural wonder. The stone house is actually built in the Fate mountains in the northern part of Portugal. 1974 is the year that witnessed the creation of this memorable building that was in fact built between four larger boulders people found in this spot. Ghostly resembling that house of The Flinstones it attracts millions of visitors each year.

Eden project (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

The Eden project is one of the most famous and sought-after conservation projects in the world. The whole biome as it is called is set under one single roof and enlists a large selection of habitats that can be found on Earth. The creation indeed required a £90 million budget and was led by Tim Smit who managed to gather the money from various companies and funds.The whole set covers an area of 1 km and 60 m in height. The fabulous green house managed to show the perfect example for the importance of conservation. Using the latest inventions of technology it is one of the most notable glass-houses in the world expecting millions of people from all over the world. 

Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, US)

Kansas city has the chance to pride itself with the most fabulous and inspiring library located in the center of the town. Indeed aimed to refresh the landscape of the place it chose the most influential books that had a direct influence on the evolution of the city. Moreover the public was also involved in order to decide which of these books are worth being presented in this special manner. This unique architectural design aims to attract more and more people and make the library more appealing. 

Dancing Building (Prague, Czech Republic)

Constructed between 1992-1996 the Dancing House is one of the most modern buildings in the town and aims to pay tribute to the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing couple as the architects of the building Frank O Gehry and Vlado Milunc intended. In fact the initial name of the construction had the name of the two world famous dancers. The building hosts a chic restaurant at the top floor, the Celeste Restaurant this way became one of the mostly visited places for tourists. The building is the perfect example for deconstructivist architecture. 
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Today topic is kinda awesome...Everyone or anyone will have their own top 5 and maybe more of awesome things in their life...so, today I would like to share with you guys my top 5 awesome things...come on, let's check it out!

 ....tOp 1....

What do think when you saw the picture? it's not about how cute the baby is sleeping, well actually yes...haha! but what i want to share here is the sleep habit. I somehow have this bad habit actually...I really fell in love with it...when I feel stress, I will sleep, when i feel angry I will sleep, when I miss someone I will sleep, hoping that I will dream of her/him...even when I'm tired I would choose to sleep rather than eat...oh God, how really bad it is...it's really hard for me to 'break up' with sleep when I'm in love with it so much...need to change this bad habit...too much sleep is not good, okay!

....tOp 2....

Laptop or notebook is something that can't be separate with anyone I think....in addition with the too many technologist that has been invented on it, it always give the best interest to people who used it...notebooks nowadays were invented to fit the user interest...it was design in various color, shape, and also portable so user can bring it everywhere. however, without the network connection, the notebook function became less...so, various brand and design of walking network has been invented. this thing is called as broadband...people can use it everywhere, anytime they like. as for me, this two things is the must thing I have always with me because I love to surf the internet....

....tOp 3....

Starting few years back up until now, I really go crazy with Korean entertainment industries....I really love their songs, dramas, and also the shows. I'll always updating myself by surfing what new songs or dramas been released lately...and if i miss some shows on television, i will stream it online....so by this I can watch my favorite shows over and over again! and guess what, I'am now trying to learn their language but got no time lorh...need to focusing on my study first, that the most important now!

....tOp 4....

Travelling is something that I love to do...love to go to new places, meet new peoples, learn new culture and try new foods....I have made a plan to travel to some of places that i want to go if i have the right time to do it...it is enjoy when you travelling alone, but the memories is more precious if we share the moment with friends or family.....planning to go to Pulau Sipadan, perhaps one day......

....tOp 5....

Food is something that I can not hold out not to eat it....it is very tempting if you're very hungry....Recently, I've tried Korean food with my roommates and we really enjoyed it...Since we have the same interest in trying a new food, we love to find a food shops or restaurant, serving food that we have not try yet....I have heard that it is known that from food, you can learn the culture...it is or it isn't? hurmmm...let's eat and think!

     There was a theory said that birth order determine someone character. According to the theory, it was said that the eldest child was more conscientious, organized, dependable, accommodating, persistent and success in their study than other child. While the character of middle child usually opposite with the eldest child. The middle child may be more laid back, sociable, free-spirited, independent and sometimes rebellious. For the youngest child, they were described as sociable, charming, loving, temperamental, irresponsible and self-center.

      I do not know whether this theory was really true or not. For me, I just can say that only half of it was true. Only a few of that suit my characteristics as the eldest child.

     As the eldest child of my family, I felt so very protective towards my family. I will do anything that I can in order to protect my family from any harm or danger. Besides, I want my parents to give more attention to me. Of course not all of their attention but most of it must be on me. I know that they have my other siblings to look after to, but as I said before, I want to get more attention from them.

    If my parents go out for work or got some work to do at somewhere else, they will put a full responsibility and trust on me to look after my siblings. Therefore, I will cook for them, send them to tuition or somewhere else that they want to go, give them tutor and many more. Sometimes, when my parents do not have enough time to spend with my siblings and me, I will take the alternative way to take them out by myself to go for bowling, karaoke, watch movies and shopping. It was just like I was the personal assistant for my parents in part of giving their children some leisure time.


    My siblings said that sometimes I can be as cruel as Hitler. It is because, if there was any problem that my siblings created, even it was just a small matter; I would not think twice to hit them. However, most of the time, I would felt very regretted on what I have done to them and after that I was surely asked for forgiveness from them and sometimes I would bought something that they love in order to make them to forgive me. 

    I am a neat person. Yes, indeed. For instance, when I do some house cleaning, I would make sure that all furniture was in its well structured. All of trophies or medals must be displayed accordingly based on the year it was received and it same goes when I was arranging cloths or book, I would sort all of them according to its color, type or category. I am a type of person that does a work alphabetically, and always will be.

     In certain situation, I can be a very independent person but when my parents was around, ultimately, I would change to a very different person, obviously a dependent one. Why? It is because I got someone to depend on. Hehehe... Compared to my siblings, I am closer to my parents.

     The theory said that the eldest child was usually success in their study compared to other sibling was not really true for me actually. I only got satisfactory grades for all my examination results compared to my second sister who passed the examinations with flying colours. I felt so envious on her as every time she showed her results to my parents, I can see a proud smile came out from my parents faces. I want to be just like her and I would fight for it. Just wait and see my result for this semester and for my sister, you better watch out as this time I would make sure that my exam results would be better than yours. Hahaha!

     To conclude myself, the character of a person was not really depended on their birth order trait. Generally, it was true to others but for me, it was not. Sometimes, there was an eldest child that acts like the youngest child and sometimes the youngest child could act as the eldest child in their family. Thus, this theory of birth order trait was claimed by me as not very accurate and obviously not really true.


     Love is an emotion that everybody in this planet will feel that in a variety way. Love is something that very strong and can make someone sacrifice their live just for person that they love. Love is very unique feeling and only can be felt by someone who knows what love really is. There are different types of love that we never know which is unconditional love, brotherly love, and erotic love.

I love you as you are as you seek to find your own special way to relate to the world or the way you feel that is right for you. It is important that you are the person you want to be and not someone that I or others think you should be.”

     Unconditional love means love without a condition and also known as true love. It can be described as caring about other person happiness without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. When you fall in love with someone, you will love that person exactly as they are without asking them for changed and this is unconditional love. This type of love is not something that you can grasp, show and tell everybody that you have that. But, it is something that really powerful than you have been imagine. When you love someone, it doesn't mean that the person must accept you love because they maybe have someone special in their life. You can’t push them to accept your love. So, just let the person lives in their life exactly as they choose and you will always be there for them no matter what.  If they happy, you will be happy too. This is the true of unconditional love.


     Brotherly love means love among family members. Examples of brotherly love are, parent love their kids, brother love their sister, grandparents love their grandson and many more. This love will built a happy family and can strongly tie the relationship among family members. Kids from happy family can grow up with full of love and attention from their parents. So, they can be a good person in future and do not involve in anything bad because they have someone who always take care about their selves. Besides, divorced among married people can be avoided.

"Why do I love my own children so much and other people’s children so little? Because my children are mine, and in loving them I love myself."
(Comte-Sponville, French philosopher, Small Treaty on the Great Virtues) 

     Erotic love means a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction. It can be described when you fall in love with someone, it not because you love them but because of their sexual attraction. There was a lot of people get confused about this love. Actually, this love was not really a love. It more to you  like someone because of some reason without love the person at all. Most relationship that based on this type of love usually can’t hold for a long time. After a few years, they start to feel bored with one another and broke up