There was a theory said that birth order determine someone character. According to the theory, it was said that the eldest child was more conscientious, organized, dependable, accommodating, persistent and success in their study than other child. While the character of middle child usually opposite with the eldest child. The middle child may be more laid back, sociable, free-spirited, independent and sometimes rebellious. For the youngest child, they were described as sociable, charming, loving, temperamental, irresponsible and self-center.

      I do not know whether this theory was really true or not. For me, I just can say that only half of it was true. Only a few of that suit my characteristics as the eldest child.

     As the eldest child of my family, I felt so very protective towards my family. I will do anything that I can in order to protect my family from any harm or danger. Besides, I want my parents to give more attention to me. Of course not all of their attention but most of it must be on me. I know that they have my other siblings to look after to, but as I said before, I want to get more attention from them.

    If my parents go out for work or got some work to do at somewhere else, they will put a full responsibility and trust on me to look after my siblings. Therefore, I will cook for them, send them to tuition or somewhere else that they want to go, give them tutor and many more. Sometimes, when my parents do not have enough time to spend with my siblings and me, I will take the alternative way to take them out by myself to go for bowling, karaoke, watch movies and shopping. It was just like I was the personal assistant for my parents in part of giving their children some leisure time.


    My siblings said that sometimes I can be as cruel as Hitler. It is because, if there was any problem that my siblings created, even it was just a small matter; I would not think twice to hit them. However, most of the time, I would felt very regretted on what I have done to them and after that I was surely asked for forgiveness from them and sometimes I would bought something that they love in order to make them to forgive me. 

    I am a neat person. Yes, indeed. For instance, when I do some house cleaning, I would make sure that all furniture was in its well structured. All of trophies or medals must be displayed accordingly based on the year it was received and it same goes when I was arranging cloths or book, I would sort all of them according to its color, type or category. I am a type of person that does a work alphabetically, and always will be.

     In certain situation, I can be a very independent person but when my parents was around, ultimately, I would change to a very different person, obviously a dependent one. Why? It is because I got someone to depend on. Hehehe... Compared to my siblings, I am closer to my parents.

     The theory said that the eldest child was usually success in their study compared to other sibling was not really true for me actually. I only got satisfactory grades for all my examination results compared to my second sister who passed the examinations with flying colours. I felt so envious on her as every time she showed her results to my parents, I can see a proud smile came out from my parents faces. I want to be just like her and I would fight for it. Just wait and see my result for this semester and for my sister, you better watch out as this time I would make sure that my exam results would be better than yours. Hahaha!

     To conclude myself, the character of a person was not really depended on their birth order trait. Generally, it was true to others but for me, it was not. Sometimes, there was an eldest child that acts like the youngest child and sometimes the youngest child could act as the eldest child in their family. Thus, this theory of birth order trait was claimed by me as not very accurate and obviously not really true.


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