“Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?”

     Based on the topic, what is your opinion regarding this matter? Should the KP student be given the money incentives to improve their grade in studies? Would this action beneficial for both parties, the universities and the students? Is there any consequence that was expected to rise if the monetary incentives were given to the KP2 students?
     There were a lot of reasons on why students failed in their examination, it was either they are not well prepared for it or they got a really low carry marks for each subject. These are the major reasons why students failed in examination. A lack of attention during lecturing sessions can be a strong cause why most students failed. There were also some students that thought that they were good enough in their studies and easily can pass the examination with flying colors without seeing the lecturers if there was some topic on study that was difficult to understand. Seeing the lecturer frequently will help students pass in examinations. This is because, the lecturer will help you in whatever ways that they can and if you were lucky enough, you will get some hints on what type of questions that will come out in exams. In that way, there is a very low probability that you could not answer the exams questions and thus, pass the papers. Moreover, bad attitudes such as lazy and always skip class can also contribute to students failure in examination as they will missed many important info that were given by the lecturer. If they skipped class too often, they will be barred from taken the examination and at the same time, it will caused them to fail in their examinations.
     However, we cannot totally say that students failed in examination just because of their own fault. A lot of assignments, lab reports and many more will caused the students to have a lack of time to study. Most of the time was used to finish up all of the homework and assignments given. Irresponsibly of lecturer can also be a reason why student failed in examination. There were some lecturers that always cancel their class without any good reason and when examination just around the corner, they will take student time to cover the entire topic that not finished no matter the students understand or not. This situation can affect the performance of student during examination.
     Student who failed in examination or KP students must always be monitor by their personal advisor to improve their grade. So, in order to improve their grade, money incentive should be given to cheer them up. When they get this money, they will be more spirited to study without thinking about money and part time job. This is because, when students failed in examination, the loan automatically stops and they will not have any source for money to support their life in campus. So, either they like or not they must do some part time job and this will give big effect on their study. Besides, students will study harder than before to continue back their loan.
     Although some people said that this will make student become more lazy and enjoy, I still think that this is very good idea. Aboard university was used this idea to encourage their lower grade students to improve their performance in study by give them money if they got a good result. This idea also can be used for other situation such as money incentives for good behavior and good attendance achieved. This idea was give a lot of benefits than bad things. As a conclusion, I can say that money incentives should be given to KP students in order to improve their grade in examination.

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