Nowadays, househusband or being a stay-at-home dad has become common things among our society. The number of househusband has been gradually increasing each year based on many reasons. The main reason why this scenario keeps happened because recently more women have higher education then men. This indicates that women have better chances of getting employed or obtaining higher job positions which men find difficult to compete with intelligent woman to find a good job. The other reason is due economic slowdown, where factories or company lay off their workers to survive. Therefore, those retrenched workers having difficulties in finding a new job. At the same time, women are now progressing into higher-paying jobs and in this case the woman with higher-paid parent makes more economic sense for her to continue to work while the man takes role at home. Differences in parent's schedules can also account for some of the stay-at-home dads. For example, when the father works odd work shifts while the mother has a typical eight-to-five work schedule. But, there are also few men that tend to be househusband and gave all responsibilities to the wives rather than to fill his  family needs thus became irresponsible husband. This situation that has been long kept need to change which it will affect economic condition of the country and also the structure of the family society. So, it is about time that we have to open our eyes and consider alternative ways that have high potentials of bringing out this problem. 

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