Each student has a dream to become excellent students either in education or life. They give all of their effort to be an excellent but, perhaps fate was not on their side or them not trying hard. There are a few tips to be excellent and students should read and practiced it always.

 1. Responsible and active
To be an excellent student, it just not focuses on learning and doing some additional exercise. Students must take responsibility for their learning which is attend classes, pay all of attention during learning session and do all the tasks given. Besides, active in classroom can also enhance the educational achievement. Active in class doesn’t mean that you run or playing in class. It means that you give fully attention for what your lecturer explained, think, take some note and ask question if there was something that you not understand.

2. Educational goal

Most of excellent students have their own goal in their study. Because of this, they can be excellent students. When we have a goal of something that we do, we will try to get it no matter what either it easy or difficult. Sometimes, students forget about their own goal when study in university because they were influenced by bad elements such as love. So, always ask yourself about what are doing here? What your main goal in here? What you want to be in the future? And do you still want to be in old notch??? In this way, we will always remember what we want to do at the first place.

3. Always at the forefront

Most students are willing to spend their money just to sit in the front row while watching the concert or other entertainment programs. But they don’t want to sit in front when in the lecture hall or class even though there was no charges are imposed. To be excellent student, you should always sit in front for all learning sessions. This will make you more understand about what has been teaches and easy for you to ask questions. Besides, when students sit in front, it will minimize the interference that can disrupt students.

4. Note and ask

Always provided a note that simple, interesting, organized and most important is easy to understand. With this, students can always do some review in everywhere because note not like book that difficult to bring. Besides, it also can help us to remember about a few topics. The more you use note, the more you improve.

5Time managing

Time must be control by you not you was controlled by time. It is because, number one problem for students is can’t manage their time carefully. You must know to manage your time properly without waste it for doing something not beneficial such as loitering or any unhealthy activities. If you can manage you time properly, you can be excellent student.

6. Pray

An effort without prayer is also not bring any effect especially for Muslim students. Both of these must combine together so every effort that we done were blessed by him. Always do some prayer to make our requests answered

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