MICET had already passed the season of student election couple weeks ago...Are you done your part voting your candidate???" Do you think that elections are not important? Think about it for a while… It only takes about five minutes, you stand in a short line, make a couple of multiple choice decisions on a piece of paper and drop it into a box. If the council does not run a proper election, the candidates who will get elected will be the ones who are the most popular and not the most qualified.

        I want to ask some question that might change your picture about the importance of student’s election: Do you want your rights to be protected? 
Do you want students unions' activity to be improved? So, these are the reasons to participate in elections. Voting at the elections can be considered a student's responsibility. We must choose and elect our leaders or representative wisely that will influence our future needs.

        Choosing a candidate is a very important step. We have to use our critical thinking to evaluate the candidate criteria. At the same time it is important to assess personal qualities and achievements of candidates, as they might fail to keep their promises. By voting, we are making our voice heard and registering our opinion on how the council should operate. Besides, we also can improve our living standards in case the chosen candidate comes up to our expectations and they keep their promises. Yet, there are also some students might claim that their votes don’t matter but that is completely wrong!!!

      So, everyone should recognize the importance of voting and act accordingly. Rather than just sit back and complain when something that the council does isn't in your best interest, get out and vote and make a difference.

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