I want to share with you guys something that I’ve noticed a long time before… I kind of had a feeling that most of the words were describing as negative emotions. This negative thought tends to give me problems where sometimes I’m lack of confidence and self-esteem. I’m quite sure that everyone has this kind of feeling inside themselves. This sensitivity can dramatically impact us to negative side. However we need to overcome this feeling and motivate ourselves with positive words. It is hard to put into words exactly how I've been feeling. But when I feel distress I will list out my “emotional word” and fill in this blank
 “I feel ……..” :
  • ·         Feeling of being controlled
  • ·         Feeling hurt or taken advantage of
  • ·         Feeling unwanted
  • ·         Feeling fragile

These feeling lead me fell distress and become a quite person at certain time. So, how do I cope when I feel emotional or enduring emotional stress? First, I try to listen to music, or play it myself. I will find inspirational songs and play them over and over again. Then, I write out all the frustration, anger, pain, disappointment, fear, worry, and disbelief that my diagnosis has brought.

I also use self-talk to calm myself down and figure out what is making me so stressed. I really look at what the cause is and decide if it is something I can change or not. A friend's listening ear, are my immediate coping mechanism for all my major emotional stress. These sessions are always followed by advises on coping, and I end up praying for solutions.So, if you feel distress or emotional (same as mine), try to stretch it out and may be you can try as I mention above to make your life better and more enjoyable. 


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